Friday, May 21, 2010

Who is Sublord and what is his role in prediction?

The most rationalizing invention in Predictive Astrology is the SubLord theory.Ful credit goes to Sri KSK for his tireless research.After a lot of study of both Vedic and Western Astrological principles he was vexed and perplexed. He courageously discarded many of the impractical dicta and declare them void and useless.He dicided to carry on research on his own to find the truth in Astrology. After three decades of research with the blessings of Lord Uchhishta Ganapathy and his holiness Sri Chandra Sekharendra Saraswathi Swami (Kamakoti Muttt)at last truth dawned in his mind.

At first KSK found that Star is important than the sign and wherever the planet is (whether in 6/8/12) it will offer the results of its starlord only.This indeed a revolution because hitherto only stars are used to find the birth star only. But later KSK found that two or three planets in the same constellation are offering different results.This prompted him to divide the star into "Sub Divisions" on the proportion of Vimshothari Dasa system. He termed these sub-division lords as "Sub Lords".

This modification filled the missing link in astrology.Two or three planets in the same star but in different sub divisions is offering different results.the mechanism of Sublord theory is as follows:

If a planet is deposited in a "Sign" then that shows the strength of that particular planet.Whether the element,quality,Nature of that sign is congenial to that of the planet or not will determine the strength of the planet..

Now in that sign the planet will be posited in a star, whatever the nature of the planet and its strength be it has to obey the orders of the star lord. the star lord will modify the planet as per his nature, significations, ownerships and occupation.For instance if "Sun" the planet for Power and Order may not be the same if he is deposited in the star of the lethargic "Saturn". In that way each and every starlord will influence its tenants.

The third and most important modification is done by the Sublord.
He is the hero among all. As said above the planet is modified and set to offer the results by the Sign& Star lords. But whether the assigned significations will thrive or not, Prosper or not, Helpful or not is decided by the "Sublord".He is the touch stone to test the effect of each and every planet.

Suppose, for Aries ascendant a planet. say Sun is in "Venus" star in "Leo". Our first delineation is that he is strong by occupying his own sign and a significator for 2,7 houses by being posited in the star of "Venus" lord of these houses. Now whether Sun will promise marriage or oppose it will be decided by the sub lord in whose zone sun is residing. Lets say here Sun is in Saturn Sub otherwise Saturn is the sublord for Sun. As Saturn is lord of 11th house he will permit for marriage. If Sun is in the sub of Jupiter (12th lord) or Mercury (6th lord )then sun will not only oppose marriage but cause ego clash with spouse.

In this way we have to judge each and every planet and note its strength and significations, also the signals from the sub lord and decide whether he is favorably posited or otherwise.This is simply KP. In next post i will explain how to calculate the sublord.

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  1. Hi
    Nice work. Can you please judge my prediction about my self? I was born on 24th Feb 1969 by 11.00am at Gudivada of Andhra Pradesh, India.
    As per KP I predict that I have a foreign chance on or after May 2014. Am I true? I have a doubt about Guru Mahadasa and Moon antardasa spoiling the foreign chance.